12 January 2011

Introduction to “Basics”

Basics, Part 0

Introduction to “Basics”

CU-Africa will be running the ten-week Basics” course during the first quarter of 2011.

This course is designed to satisfy those who are impatient to acquire the fundamentals, while opening doors to, and encouraging, further studies.

The posts will be linked to a downloadable text, and will consist of an opening to a discussion of that text.

Please join in the dialogue around these posts.

Three courses running at any one time

CU-Africa has a corresponding blog at http://cuafrica.blogspot.com/, where the course posts can be read by any member of the public, and commented upon there.

Two sister forums are running simultaneous courses. You are welcome to partake, or recommend these courses to friends.

One is the SADTU Political Education Forum, with its blog at http://sadtu-pol-ed.blogspot.com/. The course running there during the first quarter of the year will be “No Woman, No Revolution”.

The other is Communist University, which has a blog at http://domza.blogspot.com/. The course running there during this quarter will be Development, Rural and Urban”.

Please share these links with friends and comrades.

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