17 March 2015

SADTU’s Quality Public Education Campaign

Education, Part 10a

SADTU’s Quality Public Education Campaign

SADTU launched a Promotion of Quality Public Education Campaign.

Says SADTU’s 2013 Human Rights Day (Sharpeville Day) Statement (attached):

“The national leadership of SADTU will soon embark on a nationwide information drive and the idea is to inform members, parents and communities about the initiative.

“The decision to come up with such a campaign is in line with SADTU’s 2030 Vision’s strategic pillar of Creating a Learning Nation.”

This is the tenth part of the Education course and the last item before we move to a new course on this platform, which will be the CU course on “Development”.

Any material that can illustrate SADTU’s idea of quality in education, or the general idea of “quality education” (the meaning of which is usually taken for granted) should be admissible here.

·        The above is to introduce the original reading-texts: SADTU out to unite Teachers, Parents, Learners and Communities.

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